8 September - 7 November, 2022
La sombra de la máscara
Born in Palma de Mallorca, Arnau Casas presents a new series called “The Shadows of the Mask” in the lobby of the Pol and Grace Hotel, Barcelona. In this series, Casas explores the way in which shadows are created as a metaphor that shows the inability we humans have to truly know ourselves. These are traits that we dare not share with the outside world, not even with our inner consciousness. Such actions condemn us to an infinite limited development.
Arnau Casas
Painter, Muralist and Illustrator
"Fear is overcome by looking at it head-on. To dissipate our shadows we must become aware of these dark parts and learn to live with them to give them a new meaning, transgressing the fear that prevents us from acting like ourselves. This development is as infinite as our capacity for improvement, whereby nature new shadows and fears will continue to appear, revealing our inherent essence of incomplete beings." Arnau Casas