2 April - 11 May, 2022
Bestes en pastura
Nathalie Rey was born in Saint Germain en Laye, France in 1976. She is interested in History, stories, catastrophes, memory, the consumer society, ecology, in short, any aspect that can nourish a unified story by strategies of superposition, metonymy, humour and absurdity. Her work "Bestes en pasture" consists of a visual fable that works as a modernized version and in images of the work of Aesop and Lafontaine. The animals -and the artist disguised as an animal- are the protagonists of an absurd fable about identity, consumer society, media coverage, etc.; issues that participate in the complexity of our global contemporary society.
Nathalie Rey
Visual Artist
"Sometimes entering Nathalie Rey's universe is like entering Lewis Carroll's wonderland, in that it is a seemingly absurd world without order in which nothing is what it seems. And yet, his world is real, tremendously more real than the one outside, only that it is inhabited by a large number of cracks that make you go through doors that you did not know existed. But for this to happen you have to abandon yourself. In a way, you have to make a turn towards childhood, to rediscover a space of imagination as children who, sometimes, are capable of facing certain mysteries more resolutely than adults." Mercè Alsina, curator, for the “Apocalypse Now” catalogue.